Gout Diet Plan – A Couple of Great Juicing Ideas


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Gout Diet Plan Juicing IdeasIf you’re into juicing try apples and pears leaving the skin on. Both of these tasty fruits contain Quercetins which reducing the production of uric acid.  Try juicing 2 of each together and alter according to taste.

Cherry juice is another fantastic option and has been called a “Super food” for a number of reasons including fighting gout (1 glass equals 5 servings of fruits and vegetables). Before you juice cherries you’ll need to remove the cherry pits.

I recently tried these myself and they were really tasty!

I’ll be posting more juicing ideas in a few days so be sure to stop back by.

The Importance Of Identifying Your Gout Triggers


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Gout Diet Plan Your Gout Triggers

When you are prone to gout, there are a lot of things that can cause it to flare up and cause pain that is almost impossible to live with. Fortunately, if you know what your gout triggers are you can avoid a gout flare up. Typically people who have the condition have high levels of uric acid and if that acid builds up around a joint you’re going to feel intense pain. Keeping uric acid levels low is important and the best way to do so is to avoid the triggers.

Some of the things that have a tendency to trigger gout come on a plate. It’s important to avoid foods that are high in purines which are notorious for raising uric acid levels in the blood. Some of the foods that can lead gout flare ups include red meats, organ meats, seafood and vegetables that include spinach, asparagus, cauliflower and legumes.

Alcohol is definitely something you want to avoid and beer is a major gout trigger; more so than seafood and red meat. Beer and other alcoholic beverages not only raise uric acid levels they also leave you dehydrated. Sugary drinks like soda and fructose beverages should be avoided as well.

Medications can also trigger gout flare ups. If you’re taking beta-blockers, pain relief and some blood pressure medications there’s a good chance that they will affect your gout. Check with your doctor to find out what medications you’re on might be triggering your gout flare ups. Stress and various medical conditions can also raise uric acid levels and cause gout flare ups as can being overweight.

The best thing you can do to avoid your gout triggers is to identify and avoid them as often as possible. In addition, consult with your physician about any medications he can suggest that you use as treatment. Most important of all do your best to live a healthy lifestyle and exercise as much as possible; if you do you can get back to living a life free of gout pain.

For more information about managing gout pain and identifying the triggers visit:

Gout Diet Plan Transformed Waldorf Salad


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Gout sufferers shouldn’t have to give up on taste and stop enjoying food. Sticking to low-purine food, including the following recipe, makes it easy to enjoy a tasty meal without causing a Gout attack or making a flare up more intense.

Gout Diet recipe; Transformed Waldorf Salad

Transformed Waldorf Salad

This refreshing dish provides a healthy serving of low-purine fruits and nuts. The apples, cranberries and grapes in this transformed recipe contain malic acid which can help resist Gout causing uric acid. Digging into this delicious chunky salad is the perfect way to curb afternoon hunger.


2 tbls low-fat mayonnaise
1 tbls lemon juice
2 small apples, cubed (Fugi’s are a great choice but any tart apple will do)
1 cup of seedless red grapes, cut in halve
1/3 cup of dried cranberries
1/4 cup of chopped walnuts
1/4 cup of thinly sliced celery (around 1 stalk)
8 lettuce leaves (your choice)


Mix the lot fat mayonnaise and lemon juice together in a medium sized bowl.
Add apples, cranberries and grapes; mix well.
Add the walnuts and celery; mix well.
Refrigerate for at least an hour before serving to really bring out the taste.
Serve on a bed of 2 lettuce leaves (makes 4 servings)

For more information regarding managing gout pain during the holidays and beyond visit:

Dijon Vinaigrette; the Perfect Addition to a Gout Diet Plan


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Fighting Gout doesn’t been you need to give up on taste! This easy to make, yummie vinagrette adds a lot of flavor to salads, on your favorite vegetables and makes an awesome  a marinade.

GoutDiet Plan Dijon Vinaigrette Recipe

3 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons of water
1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoon of Dijon mustard
1/4 tablespoon garlic powder


Combine all in a bowl. Blend well with a wire whisk. Chill overnight to merge flavors.  Enjoy!!

For more information regarding managing gout pain during the holidays and beyond visit:


Managing Pain During the Holiday Season with a Gout Diet Plan


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Managing Pain During the Holidays with a Gout Diet PlanThe holidays should be a time for celebration and not for pain. It’s a time when you should be able to enjoy the company of family and friends and just relax and make merry. You should be able to soak up that warm friends and family atmosphere whether you are relaxing at home in front of the fireplace, at someone else’s holiday get together or even the office Christmas party. Most holiday events include delicious meals and spiked Egg Nog beverages however these temptations aren’t always an option for some people. If you’re health conscious that is one thing but for people who are trying to live with gout pain these temptations can be bring on unbearable levels of gout pain if they aren’t limited, or the pain managed by following a Gout diet plan.

Millions of people live with Gout and have to suffer from the pain that is caused by small crystals of acid that build up in the joints. How do sufferers prevent this from happening during the holidays? Well gout is brought on by the body’s inability to eliminate certain amounts of uric acid. This means the best option is to avoid high-purine foods and moderate the amount of purine they ingest. Foods with high purine that should be avoided range from seafood, sausage and lamb to beverages like beer, coffee or basically anything with alcohol.

Low purine foods range from carrots, celery and potatoes to cherries, fruits and caffeine free sodas. If you suffer from Gout pain, while you will be inclined to give into temptation during the holiday season, it’s important to remember there are lots of foods you’ll be able to eat. Potatoes are a great choice around the holidays and often parties will have a few choices of potato sides and vegetables. Pudding also has low purine content and there are always low purine alternatives for things like cheese, ice cream and soups. Eggs are also a great option and they can go well with nearly every meal. Nuts and peanut butter are great snacks that don’t have high purine content as well but watch out if you are trying to lose weight because they are high in calories.

You have a lot of options when it comes to managing Gout pain and they usually come down to following the Gout diet plan which will help you identify the common holiday dishes with high purine content that you’ll need to avoid. Avoiding high purine foods will be well worth the effort because you’ll be able to enjoy the holiday season free of joint pain If you are hosting a party you can keep a traditional menu with a few changes or at least add tasty low purine food and beverage choices. If you do want to serve some dishes that do have high purine content just make sure not to go overboard, perhaps leaving them for guests. By making smart food and drink choices, moderating yourself and watching how much purine you take in, you’ll be able to enjoy the holidays without gout pain holding you back.

For more information regarding managing gout pain during the holidays and beyond visit:

Gout Diet Update for 2013


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Gout Diet Update 2013As our population gets older, Gout will affect more people in 2013 than ever before.  The information on this page is still relevant.  The only difference between now and when I started the Gout Diet Plan website is a lot more people are suffering from something that most of us can control.

A good source for more detailed and useful information can be found here: http://www.goutdietplan.net/goutplan

As always check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise routine because… I have to say that to CMA 🙂

Thanks for visiting and please remember, diet and exercise is the best free healthcare plan around.

Gout Diet Plan FAQ’s About Gout


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Gout Diet Plan & Gout FAQ’s Answered

Gout Diet Plan FAQs About Gout

The Gout Diet plan will answer all your questions about gout including who gets it, how do you know it’s gout, is it a common ailment, is it preventable and more.

Following you will find just of few of the questions that will be answered for you when you follow the Gout Diet plan.

Question:  What Causes Gout?
Answer:  There are several circumstances that can lead to gout including the following:

1.  Genetic makeup can play a role in getting gout. Research has found that 18% of people who suffer with gout have a family history of the disease.
2.  Gender and age; more men than women suffer from gout and it is more common in adults than children.
3.  Being overweight raises the chance of getting gout since there’s additional tissue accessible for turn over or break down, which results in excessive uric acid production. Following the gout diet plan will keep your weight under control
4.  Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.
5.  Consuming too many foods that are high in purines that can cause as well as aggravate gout in most individuals. The gout diet plan is filled with low purine food choice options and recipes to help you stay in a low purine zone.
6.  Environmental exposure to lead.

Question:  How Do I know I Have Gout?
Answer:  The Gout Diet Plan research reports that gout can come on right out of the blue. It will suddenly be hard for you to get around and can last for hours, weeks or more. Individuals with gout describe the pain as being so excruciating that they compare it to bone fractures and even child birth. More often than not it effects the big toe. Typically the first thing in the morning, you’ll find that your big toe is drastically swollen, often triple its normal size. The gout diet plan will help you avoid a re-occurance if you have gout already and is the perfect, natural solution for prevention.

More Gout Symptoms that the Gout Diet Plan Addresses:

1.  A radiating, shooting pain blasts up your foot at the slightest touch.
2.  The joint of your big toe and the surrounding area will be inflamed, stiff, red and hot to the touch, appearing to be infected.
3.  You’ll find it difficult to walk without support.

Question:  Does Gout effect other parts of the body?
Answer:  Yes, Gout can appear in your ankles, ears, fingers and wrists.

Question:  What Happens if Gout is Left Untreated?
1.  Uric acid crystals may accumulate in the kidneys over time and create kidney stones which are extremely painful.
2.  The formation of white, chalky looking bumps under the skin called Tophi, that normally effect the ears and hands. Over time, additional joints can get clogged up, becoming impaired, leading to osteoarthritis.
3.  Recent research performed by the European League Against Rheumatism has shown that out of 9105 men tested between the ages of 41 and 63, with gout had a much higher chance of having a heart attack then men who didn’t suffer from gout.

By following the Gout Diet Plan you can avoid gout and all its debilitating side effects.

Question:  Who Gets Gout?
1.  Approximately 2.1 million men and women in the U.S have suffered from gout, per the National Institute of Health
2.  9 out of 10 of gout sufferers are men between the ages of 40 & 50.
3.  Women towards the age of 60, entering menopause show a radical rate of gout increases.
4.  Individuals that are over weight because if you’re overweight uric acid builds to excessive amounts which eventually can lead to gout.
5.  Eating excessive amounts of red meat (organ) along with beer which is just one of the food triggers you’ll discover in the Gout Diet Plan.

Question:  Do Prescription Medications for Gout Help?
Answer:  Frequently when gout sufferers experience acute attacks, medical professionals will prescribe non steroidal, as well as anti-inflammatory prescriptions known as NSAIDs and Colchicines or Corticosteroids. These medications are expensive and all have harmful side effects and often need to be taken for long periods of time. Even if you have to take them temporarily, you’ll find that the proven, all natural, low cost methods in the Gout Diet Plan are the better way to go in the long run and will bring long lasting results by teaching you prevention, quickly and easily eliminating your symptoms safely and effectively.

By following the Gout Diet Plan You’ll Learn How to:

1.  Discover and change what’s causing your gout
2.  Eliminate painful gout symptoms
3.  Lose weight quickly, easily and safely
4.  Lower the levels of uric acid in your body efficiently and naturally
5.  Choose and cook the right kinds of foods to fight gout attacks
6.  Avoid unhealthy foods that can trigger another gout attack
7.  To treat an acute attack of gout
8.  Be sure you are consuming the right fluids
9.  How to dine out safely without triggering a future gout attack

The Gout Diet Plan includes much, much more and provides tasty recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as great tasting snacks.

It has been said that once you’ve had gout, your chances are high of suffering from it again however that isn’t true if you follow the Gout Diet Plan. The good new is, it doesn’t need to be true. The information that will be made available to you with the Gout Diet plan will have a dramatic effect on you, giving you the ability to live a gout free life. Gout it a treatable disease but more importantly, it is also preventable if you follow the Gout Diet Plan.

Click here to contact Gout Diet Plan.

Learn more about Gout and a Gout Diet Plan.

Gout Diet Plan for Gout Sufferers


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Gout Diet Plan – Real, Long Term Results

Gout Diet Plan for Gout SufferersThe gout diet plan addresses the complications of Gout which is one of those illnesses that people hesitate to mention or complain about because it is frequently thought of as a disease that is brought on by self indulgence and gluttony.  This is far from the truth. Although being over weight and following a poor diet can lead to Gout, it can also occur randomly and is usually related to the build up of uric acid in your blood, however it’s not always as straight forward as that. There have been numerous individuals that have high levels of uric acid without demonstrating gout symptoms. Sometimes gout is triggerd because of the levels of purine in the body brought on by consuming to much of certain foods. The Gout Diet Plan will share with you the foods you should avoid and the actions you can take to control and even eliminate your gout.

If you’re suffering from Gout and face one painful an episode of gout after another, until experiencing pain day in and day out is all you know, you’ve come to the right site of an effecti gout diet plan. I’ve had several friends that have experienced the devastating pain of gout and it was a frustrating time in their lives as well as their friends who hated to see them suffer. Following a Gout diet plan was a real life changer for them.

There are prescription medications for Gout however they can have terrible side effects if taken for long periods of time whereas a healthy gout diet plan gives you a natural alternative.  Regardless if you take medication or not you sure follow a healthy gout diet plan for long term results.

Read the following True, Success Story about the Gout Diet Plan:

I had a family member who was diagnosed and when she asked how long she would have to take the gout medication they told her for the rest of her life. The rest of her life! Never having been one for taking prescription medication, she did anyway because the pain was so terrible she could barely move. The constant inflammation, painful throbbing, stiffness as well as tenderness that came with her gout kept her in a state of painful despair constantly so she felt she had to do something so she started on the medication. For long term, permanent prevention,she also found and started on the Gout diet plan.

Long story short, after taking the medicine for a couple of months, while following the gout diet plan, she saw improvement and began to ween herself off the medication. Soon after she visited her doctor and he was thrilled with her results however expected her to keep him informed on her progress. Well, its been 3 years now and she still isn’t taking prescription medication and has had no re-occurance of the gout thanks to the Gout diet plan. Even though a number of people in the medical community may tell you that gout can’t be cured, she is living proof that following a gout diet plan that includes dietary as well as natural methods for treatment, can successfully relieve gout symptoms and even prevent further attacks.

The Gout Diet Plan – What is Purine?:

If your diet consists of high levels of purine, it goes without saying that your body is going to produce excess uric acid that will cause gout. Part of a effective gout diet plan is to reduce the amounts of purine in your diet. Purine are natural substances that are found in the body’s cells and are in most foods at varying levels. Uric acid is produced as soon as the purine is broken down entirely. In healthy amounts purine works as antioxidants and help prevent harm to blood vessel linings, however in high amounts they can cause gout. Lowering your uric acid count is part of a effective gout diet plan.

The Gout Diet Plan – What Not to Eat:

1.  Meat, especially organ meat
2.  Shell fish like prawns and clams, oily fish like sardines and anchovies.
3. Vegetables like spinach and mushrooms, cauliflower, peas and asparagus, lima and kidney beans.
4. Alcohol which is one of the highest causes of uric acid buildup. Avoiding alcohol as party of your gout diet plan will get you even better results.

The Gout Diet Plan – What You Should Eat:

Your Gout Diet Plan will teach the best way to eat to avoid Gout however below is the condensed version:

1.  Foods high in complex carbohydrates like fiber rich fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
2.  Foods low in protein including 15% of your calories coming from lean meats, poultry and soy products.
3.  Low fat foods, taking in under 30% of your calories in fat, and no more than 10% intake of animal fats

Some food examples of you can enjoy as part of the Gout Diet Plan:

1.  Fresh strawberries, blueberries and cherries all rich in antioxidants.
2.  Fresh Bananas.
3. Vegetables like celery, cabbage, kale, parsley, leafy vegetables like Romainem tomatoes.
4.  Foods that are high in Bromelain like pineapple.
5.  Foods rich in vitamin C like red bell peppers, red cabbage, oranges, potatoes and tangerines.
6.  Drink 8 glasses of water a day.
7.  Drink fruit juice.
8.  Use low fat dairy products.
9.  Eat whole grain cereals like oatmeal, breads, rice and pasta.
10.  Chocolate and cocoa in moderation.
11.  Coffee and tea.
12.  Carbonated beverages in moderation.
13.  Foods rich in essential fatty acids like, flaxseed, nuts, seeds, tuna and salmon.
14.  Tofu instead of meat as often as possible to boost the efficiency of the gout diet plan

The right gout diet plan is an all natural, drug free way to live gout free and get back the pain free life you deserve.


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Learn more about Gout and a Gout Diet Plan

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